Vieira Surname: Portuguese and Galician Origins

by Mark

Vieira is the Portuguese and Galician word for scallop; and what a great sea going race are the Portuguese. They were the first great navigators of the world’s oceans, and home to a culture steeped in fishing and eating delicious seafood. Scallops are sensational shellfish and a delectable treat for those lucky enough to eat them cooked Portuguese style. Vieira is a popular Portuguese and Galician surname. It must be an honour to be named after something as delicious as a scallop.

The Portuguese began colonising Brazil from 1500 onwards, after Pedro Alvares Cabral claimed it for the Portuguese Empire. Which is why you find the Vieira surname gracing a number of Brazilian football players; many of them stars of the game. Patrick Vieira the famous French footballer, who currently coaches New York Football Club, was born in Senegal. Patrick had a very successful time at English club Arsenal, where he became captain and won three Premier League titles. Jorvan Vieira was a highly successful Brazilian football player who has gone on to coach the Iraq and Kuwait national sides.

Vieira Surname: Portuguese and Galician Origins

Alice Vieira is a highly successful Portuguese children’s book author. Jose Luandino Vieira is an Angolan writer. Meredith Vieira is an American journalist and talk show host; she has worked with NBC News, ABC and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. Miss Angola 2011 was Leila Luiliana da Costa Vieira Lopes. In Australia, Bert Vieira has built a solid reputation in the finance and credit management fields; establishing ACM Group in 1982.

The fact that you find famous Vieiras all over the globe is testimony to the spread of talented Brazilian and Portuguese people to every part of the world. Whether it be with the round ball in front of hundreds of thousands of fans, or in front of a typewriter telling the stories that touch our hearts, the Vieiras are at home in both occupations. Their name may mean scallop but their contribution to the worlds of finance, entertainment and sport is huge.

Carlos Portugues Vieira is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu fighter and teacher who has moved to Melbourne, Australia to continue his successful martial arts journey. Tracey Vieira is Screen Queensland’s new CEO; she has spent the past decade in LA with AusFilm connecting Australians with opportunities in the movie business. The Vieira surname: Portuguese and Galician origins but now wrapping itself around the New World and beyond.