Riotto Surname: Italian Heritage Global Spread

by Mark

When we think of Italy and the great Italians who have influenced humanity in art, music and religion, well, there are lots to say the least. Italian heritage has spread out into the New World; the Americas and Australia. It has enriched our culinary appetites with fine produce, restaurants and cafes. Where would opera be without Verdi, Puccini and all those tenors? Art, architecture and design have all been transformed by Italian passion and style. The ancient Romans, together with the Greeks, gave us civilization. Where would plumbers be without the Romans?

The Riotto surname has geographically come from Veneto in Italy. Veneto is a north-eastern region of Italy bordering the Dolomite Mountains and the Adriatic Sea. Venice its capital was the centre point of the Venetian Republic for a millennia; one of the most powerful city states of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. There are Riottos living in and around Veneto to this day; one Riotto Vittoria Di Giuseppe runs a construction company in Codogne. Another Valentina Riotto lives in Fiume Veneto, Pordenone.

Riotto Surname: Italian Heritage Global Spread

Another possible origin of the Riotto surname is that it may have been a nickname from the Sicilian ‘riottu’, which is a diminutive of ‘king’. This gets me thinking about Tony Soprano and the whole New World mafia thing. There are plenty of Riottos in the United States of America; not that I am suggesting that any of them are tied up in anything illegal. There are lots of Riottos who came to New York at the beginning of the twentieth century and made their lives there. There are Riottos in Pennsylvania around the same time starting their American journeys. There are now some ninety five thousand records of individuals who have or had the surname Riotto in the USA.

James Riotto, in San Francisco, is a multi-talented record producer, engineer, composer and performer; who has worked with a slew of talented musicians. His Tiny Telephone Studios has rung with the music of The Mountain Goats and Mohsen Namjoo; to name but a couple of great musical talents. In Australia, Chris Riotto is creating amazing things in the world of finance and lending. Helping people make their dreams come true and enriching the lives of thousands; with astute financial advice and great financial products. The Riotto family name spans the globe and is rich in the arts, construction and money. Riotto surname: Italian heritage global spread for the betterment of people everywhere.