Persichitti Surname: From Italy to Western Australia

by Mark

The surname Persichitti is most likely from the Italian for peach tree ‘persico’; which is from the Latin persicum ‘Persian apple’. It could be a topographic surname for someone who lived by a peach tree or near a geographical place with ‘persico’ as part of its name. For example, Persico Dosimo is a town in the Province of Cremorna, which is around eighty kilometres south-east of Milan. Persichitti surname: from Italy to Western Australia it has migrated from the Old World to the New World.

You also find quite a few Persichittis in the United States of America. Vincent Persichitti (1937-1965) was a famous Italian American composer. He began as a church organist and was a prolific composer in all genres of music. Vincent Persichitti is considered to be one of America’s chief symphonists midway through the twentieth century. Combining Italian lyricism with atonal polyphony he was both modern and conservative in his compositions. Vanessa Persichitti is in Canada and by the looks of it on Twitter, enjoying a pretty cool life. The Persichitti family have graced many parts of North America with its good living bloodlines.

Persichitti Surname: From Italy to Western Australia

In Perth, Western Australia Camillo Persichitti arrived from Naples in 1960 and became a builder. This is according to the Welcome Wall at the Western Australia Museum; although list a Camillo Persichetti as a resident of Perth from 1949. Slightly different spelling could indicate a different individual.

Oscar Persichitti is the Director of a training company called Above and Beyond Training Solutions. He founded the business after substantial stints in the army and police force, where he led soldiers and fellow officers. He has a passion for coaching and training others to reach their full potentials. Oscar, also, provides expert investigative training and consultancy for workplace incidents and regulatory matters. Above and Beyond Training Solutions can provide you with a Nationally Recognised Qualification based on your Recognised Prior Learning (RPL).

Susan Persichitti ran in the Perth City to Surf twelve kilometre half marathon in 2010. Troy Persichetti enjoyed a meal at the Burrendah hotel in Canning; and was blown away by the Surf and Turf. Nick Persichitti acted as the Administrator for Car Civil Contracting Pty Ltd during an Inquiry into Contracts Entered Into Between Consolidated Constructions Pty Ltd and Main Roads WA and the Public transport Authority in 2004. This was conducted by the Public Accounts Committee in the Legislative assembly of the WA Parliament. More fine examples of Persichittis making a difference to the lives of their peers and associates.