Finocchio Surname: From Florence and Naples

by Mark

Finocchio means fennel, a favourite Italian vegetable; but it is also common slang for ‘gay’ in that country. The connection between the two is thought to be due to the fact that fennel seeds were thrown at homosexuals who were being burnt at the stake during the Inquisition in the Papal State to offset the smell of burning flesh. God loves those Christians; and the Italians love of cuisine even extended to the roasting of human flesh – I think it needs a touch of fennel Tesoro!

Fennel is a wonderful and often underrated vegetable in Australia. Home cooks are all too ready to put it in the too hard basket. It makes a wonderfully pungent salad and its aniseed flavour makes a great accompaniment to grilled meats. Fennel seeds in rye bread are sensational, as well. Give fennel a try in your kitchen.

Finocchio’s Club in San Francisco, USA began life as a speakeasy in the 1920s. It was started by Joe Finocchio; and specialised in presenting female impersonation acts. It was not strictly a gay club but attracted many tourists to the area in the 1930s, once prohibition had been lifted. A bit like Les Girls in Sydney, Australia’s Kings Cross.

Finocchio Surname: From Florence and Naples

In 1919 Umberto Fenocchio arrived in Sydney, NSW, Australia on the Ferarra. Santo Finocchio from Genoa, Italy arrived in Fremantle, WA in 1962. Grazia and Santo were living in Drummoyne in 1972. Francesco Finocchio lived in Marickville in 1968. There were Finocchios living in Wooloowin, Queensland in the 1970s. Generations of Finocchios have graced the shores of Australia and made their way through rich and varied lives.

Christian Finocchio is a partner and co-founder of C+F Lawyers in Adelaide. Prior to completing his Bachelor of Laws and Commerce at Flinders University he was a qualified accountant. His skill set includes: Personal Injury Law, Litigation, Family Law, Property Law, Mediation, Legal Research and Insurance Law. Daniel Finocchio is a Director at Flowaire Air Conditioning. Melissa Finocchio is a Ministerial Advisor to Hon. John Rau MP, the Deputy Premier and Attorney General of South Australia. Peter Finocchio is a Sales Supervisor at Stirling Homes.

The Finocchios have contributed greatly to the Australian community in a wide range of industries and vocations. They have brought the knowledge and culture from the old world to the new world. In Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne and Brisbane Finocchios have made a difference to the lives of those around them.