Family Name Branded Products: Kitsch or Kewl?

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Family Name Branded Products: Kitsch or Kewl?

If you need to choose a brand name for your business, product or service, consider the importance of the name in your business efforts. Your brand name will differentiate the value of your brand from the competitors. It’s vital to decide what your name should mean and represent.  Choosing a name could be tough, but if you get the name right you carve your niche in history. Your name should be both descriptive and memorable for easy recall. Nothing does it better than a well-conceived brand name.

One of the first things you should decide when thinking about the brand for your business is whether you want to build a business brand or a personal brand. A business brand is based around an identity you create for your business. It means you need to think of a name for your business that’s different from your personal name. A personal brand  means you choose your name to brand your business. Making the choice between using your name instead of business brand is a very personal decision to make and takes a lot of consideration. Using your name gives your business a unique identity than can make you stand out in the marketplace. Going with your name seems to be the easier choice in branding and promotion.

There’s variety of reasons to want to put your own name on your business. You can be developing a brand to stamp your signature in your creations. You are creating a family business to provide wealth and livelihood for your family. You are establishing a legacy for your children and grandchildren in the future. For service professionals, artist, authors, speakers who run their own practices, a personal brand is quintessential. People go for individuals they admire and connect with them easily. Since you are the brand, people can easily engage with you. Customers will know you are real person accountable for your products and services.

Because your name is your brand, your customers can easily associate it with your products or services. Use your name on your website, your brochures, your cards and your portfolio. Achieving high brand awareness is important in the early phase of your business. Use informative promotion to attain brand awareness. To achieve this you can use traditional advertising, sponsorship or promotional merchandise like branded coffee mugs. Effectively promote your brand by establishing a strong reputation and personality. Brand loyalty will be the ultimate payoff for all your marketing efforts.

Family name branded products is it kitsch or kewl? Many of the best branded products in world are named after their creator, including Hewlett-Packard, Ford, Johnson & JohnsonChanelProcter & Gamble  and Louis Vuitton  to name a few. Family name branded products that are well received with customer satisfaction build brand loyalty. Building your brand around your name can be a smart choice for marketing particularly for professional services companies. This option works well for artists and entrepreneurs. If you want to be a thought leader or expert in your field, using your name might be a smart choice when it comes to branding and promotion.