Dugan Surname: The Pipes They Are A ‘Blowing

by Mark

The Dugan surname is an Anglicised version of the Gaelic name O’Dubhagain, which means grandson of Dubhagan. The meaning of Dubhagan is dark or black and likely refers to the Danish Vikings who stayed in Ireland, as they were dark strangers with more swarthy looks. There were Duggans near Fermoy in north Cork and were originally the ruling family of the Fir Maighe tribe. There are also druidic links to Mog Rutih within the Duggan ancestry. The family lost power when the Norams successfully invaded in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries.

Sean Mor O’Dubhagain is the most famous ancestor; and he was a celebrated poet writing about the mythic kings of Ireland before the Normans came. Dugan became a famous Scottish name later in history, as many Irish people migrated to Scotland. Variations of the name Dougan, Duggan, Doughan, and Doogan are to be found throughout Scotland and Ireland. John Dugan was a prisoner of war in the Tower of London in 1413. John O’Dugan was known as ‘the father of the navy’ during the reign of Edward III.

Dugan Surname: The Pipes They Are A ‘Blowing

John Dugan arrived in New South Wales in 1814 from County Mayo in Ireland. William Dugan from County Fermanagh in NSW in 1844. Jane Dugan from Termanne in 1839. Robert Dugan from County Tipperary in 1852. Samuel Dugan from County Down arrived in Queensland in 1888.

Many Dugans went to the United States from Ireland and Scotland. Alan Dugan (1923-2003) won the National Book Award and Pulitzer Prize for poetry in America. Dennis Dugan is an American actor and film director. Raymond smith Dugan (1878-1940) was an American astronomer at Princeton University.

Darcy Dugan was an infamous Australian bank robber and prison escape artist during the middle of the twentieth century.  He was sentenced to death but it was commuted to life imprisonment. He group up in the Sydney suburb of Annandale. Darcy Dugan escaped multiple times from custardy. He served his final prison sentence at Long Bay Gaol and was released in 1984.

There are numerous Dugans in all the capital cities around Australia. In the early years there were many Dugans farming and labouring. A much smaller percentage went into mining and carpentry. Tim Dugan is a noted marketing expert in Sydney, Australia. There are many prominent Dugans in Australia in a wide variety of fields and professions.