Dervin Surname: Irish Ancestors & The Great Migration

by Mark
Dervin Surname: Irish Ancestors & The Great Migration

The original Irish name O Doirbheain is where the surname Dervin was derived from. The beauty of the surname Dervin is that it is also oftentimes used as first names. Of course, having Dervin, Dervin as your full name can be somewhat confusing but it is good to see that Dervin is also a popular first name many parents are considering.

The name Dervin means gifted friend or dear friend.  Dervin Surname mostly comes from France and the US with some of them spreading over to Great Britain, Ireland and Belgium. Aside from that, Dervin also comes with a variety of spelling variations which includes Dervan, O’Dervan, Dervine, Derwin and many more.

Popular individuals who carry the Dervin family name include Christina Dervin who is known for her works of art who primarily works with the figure and uses a multitude of different techniques including printmaking, embroidery, textiles, collage, drawing, painting, mono prints, hand sewn & machine sewn work, acrylic and even water colour paintings which gives her a diverse range of options she can choose from. Brenda Dervin is a professor of communication at Ohio State University and a researcher in the communication and library and information science fields. She is known for reviewing articles and also is on editorial boards for communication and library and information science journals.

In Hollywood you will find Dervin Gilbert who is an actor that is known for his work on The Strange and Unusual (2014), Meridian (2011) and Deceit & Desire (2011). Another actress that goes by the name of Keely Dervin has been in the industry for quite some time alternating between support and lead roles. She is known for her role on Merry Krampus (2014), S.I.N. (2013) and Little Wing (2015). Last but definitely not the least in the acting industry is Desra Dervin is an actress, known for Lone (2011) and The Seekers (2013).

Aside from acting, Dervin family names have been in the background helping make some of the films that we’ve seen possible. For instance, Alexander Dervin is a producer and in charge of visual effects to some of the noteworthy films including 2012’s Argo, Superman Returns (2006) and Minority Report (2002). On the other hand, both Joseph Dervin and Joseph Dervin Jr. worked in the editorial department with different TV series in a variety of genre including acting, comedy, adventure and many more.

The Dervin surname has also reached the online media space in the present. For instance, Marcus Dervin is the Director and Senior Consultant and is the man behind WebVine. His company is responsible for SharePoint, Dynamics CRM and Office 365 consultancy which is based in Sydney that they provide on a regular basis to their clients.

All in all, the Dervin surname has very rich history and has a diverse range of profession spanning different generations. With the increase of popularity of online services, we can expect to see more Dervins populating the online media space at any time soon.