Boulton Surname: Anglo-Saxon Origins in Lancashire and Yorkshire

by Mark

Is there a prouder name in the North of England than Boulton or Bolton? Boltons exist geographically in Cumbria, in Lancashire, Northumberland, Westmoreland, and in West Riding of Yorkshire. The name is derived from the Old English ‘bodltun’; which means dwelling house and settlement. The Boulton surname is first recorded around the twelfth century in England. The first example is Robert de Boulton, a Norman name, found in the Early Yorkshire Charters for 1191, during the reign of Richard the Lionheart.

Most famous of the early Boultons were Richard Boulton, an eighteenth century physician who published books on medicine, and Matthew Boulton, also eighteenth century, an engineer who worked on the first steam engine. More recent Boultons include, Marjorie Boulton an English and Esperanto writer, and Charles Arkoll Boulton was a lieutenant colonel in the red river Rebellion in Canada in the nineteenth century. Adam Boulton is a British journalist who has been prominent on Sky News. Thomas Ernest Boulton was a cross-dresser during the Victorian era and was famously a defendant in a trial, charged with conspiring and inciting persons to commit an unnatural offence. He was acquitted when the prosecution failed to establish that he had anal sex with his co-accused and that wearing women’s clothes was actually a crime in any sense.

Boulton Surname: Anglo-Saxon Origins in Lancashire and Yorkshire

Dr Emma Boulton in Sydney, Australia is a leading physician in the sexual health and family planning fields. Her clinic helps thousands of people with reproductive issues to live happier and more fulfilling lives. Commander Richard Boulton is a prominent member of the Royal Australian Navy, currently commanding HMAS Melbourne. Phillip Boulton SC is a celebrated Australian criminal law barrister. Rebecca Boulton was a convict sent to Australia with the First Fleet aboard the Prince of Wales from Lincoln; to complete a seven year sentence.

Boultons have left their Anglo-Saxon origins in Lancashire and Yorkshire behind and traversed the globe. There are Boultons doing great things throughout the world. In Australia, as recorded above, but also in New Zealand and in the United States of America. There are Baltens and Boltons arriving in America in the nineteenth century; especially is Massachusetts. There were Boltons also arriving in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Tennessee, Ohio and Iowa, to name just a few places in America. Boultons both infamous and famous have graced the shores of the Old and New Worlds.