There comes a time, in every man and woman’s life, when they wonder where they have come from. They may well know their own parents, and maybe grandparents too, but beyond that ancestral shore they are strangers in an unknown land. There is an urge to understand the root stock from where this family line has emerged from. It becomes an itch that needs to be scratched. There is an intuitive sense that the information once revealed will enlighten. Often, these folks are about a third or more down the track, which travails the journey of their lives. They want to know how things went for their ancestors at a similar age.


Families are funny things, full of odd surprises, and sometimes hidden secrets. Genealogy exploration can shine a light on larger themes, that may well run through an entire family line. Why is the family business involved in this and not that? What were the determining events and reasons? Is there a convict somewhere in your distant past? A transgressor, who may have made an unfortunate mistake? Tracing your ancestral roots can open up reservoirs of unanticipated knowledge and experience. You may suddenly empathise with causes and situations unimagined.

Genealogy Marketplace peels back the generations and provides a family history, unique and unquestionably yours. Names may have changed somewhat in form over the years. Distant relatives may have emigrated to new worlds in search of fortune or asylum. Family trees may stretch across the globe and provide family connections for you in unexpected lands. Discovering your antecedents may spark a catalyst within you to reach out and meet your own true destiny. Life is too short to waste it mired in uncertainty. Genealogy Marketplace can switch the light on in the basement, so that you can see where you have come from.

Here you will find posts and pages communicating the stories of family lines and individuals who have graced their bloodlines. Read about the stand-out stars and infamous members of certain families. Turn the clock back and see if you can process what the past puts before you. What were the lives of your ancestors really like? What challenges and opportunities presented themselves; and how did they handle them? Genealogy paints patterns in time, lines and family trees, linking families together like constellations in the night sky. What will you discover and will it cast a new light on the understanding of your own life?

Our Mission

Our mission is to elevate the field of genealogy through good scholarship, creating opportunities for genealogists, and educating the public about the value of genealogy and genealogists.

Our belief is that the client has the right to choose. We want to help good genealogists build their client base. Therefore we allow the genealogists and client to continue on without us after the first session, if desired. We make the introduction, but it is up to the genealogist to take good care of the client. Our view is that the client/genealogist relationship has a much greater value to the client than the mere introduction provided by Genealogy Marketplace. The value we offer in continuing within our system is that the funds are held in escrow until the research is delivered to the client.